REVEALED : Unsolved mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

REVEALED : Unsolved mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

In Bermuda Triangle Dec 1945, a s-quadrant of US navy plane vanish on Florida coast.and in 1980 huge cargo ship lost without any trace. and over the years many more plane and ships disappears. 4050 miles in an open ocean. This mysterious body of water is filled with incredible stories and rumors that if not supernatural are otherworldly.

Real Facts : –

1. On the sea bed below 1100 feat Methane Hydrate are found area covered more than the Manhattan.

2. If any large scale disturbance in the sea bed like earthquake or landslide which discharged the slab of methane hydrate which turns into methane gas as it flows to the surface

3. Near Portico their is Blue Deep hole which is in a bottle shape and in the bottom their are some tunnels, in which  water comes in and out.

4. Some times their is big waves which are enough to sink the big ships.

5. The pyramids located at a depth of about 2 kilometers are said to be made of some sort of crystal that could be one of the main reasons why the area has had anomalous disappearances

Here you can watch the documentary on Bermuda Triangle.. i.e. is prepared by National Geographic

But at the end of this Bermuda Triangle is not in a triangle shape.. Shape of this is not yet decided but this deadly ocean exist in between three countries Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

As you can see here all the red spots shows where ships and plans are drowned.

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