See how Cities of World has been changed from Last Century !

See how Cities of World has been changed from Last Century !

The 20th century has been a time of huge changes for the most part of the biggest cities of the world, with millions of people moving from countries to urban areas and the capitalism transforming the economy of the entire world.

Even if we all know that the development has been huge, seeing the images of how much the world has actually changed is really impressive.

(Shanghai, China, 1990-2014)Shanghai, China, 1990-2014

(Dubai, UAE, 1990-2013)Dubai, UAE, 1990-2013

(New York, USA, 1876-1932-1988-2013)
New York, USA, 1876-1932-1988-2013

(Toronto, Canada, 1930-2014)
Toronto, Canada, 1930-2014

(Athens, Greece, 1860-2010)
Athens, Greece, 1860-2010

(Hong Kong, 1920-2000)
Hong Kong, 1920-2000

(Fortaleza, Brazil, 1975-2011)
Fortaleza, Brazil, 1975-2011

(Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1930-2010)
Panama City, Republic of Panama, 1930-2010

(Los Angeles, USA, 1970-2014)
Los Angeles, USA, 1970-2014

(Sydney, Australia, 1930-2014)
Sydney, Australia, 1930-2014

(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1990-2014)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1990-2014

(Tokyo, Japan, 1945 – 2013)
Tokyo, Japan, 1945 - 2013

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