China Turns smog into diamonds…

China Turns smog into diamonds…

The Smog-sucking towers could clean up china’s cities.

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has come up with an innovative plan to tackle Beijing’s air pollution problem – and in doing so, turn a health hazard into a thing of beauty.

After a pilot in Rotterdam, the Smog Free Project is coming to China. The project consists of two parts. First, a 7m tall tower sucks up polluted air, and cleans it at a nano-level. Second, the carbon from smog particles is turned into diamonds.

They suck in smog and clean the air down to the smallest nano-particles. The clean air is released into parks and playgrounds.The carbon that’s been collected is then put under pressure for half an hour which turns the carbon into diamonds. And the jewellery that’s then created is sold. The money raised by jewellery made with these diamonds will go towards supporting the development and building more Smog Free towers. That will help turn a health hazard into a thing of beauty.

From smog to diamond: The other aspect of the project will see the captured smog transformed into diamonds. 32% of Beijing’s smog is carbon, which under 30 minutes of pressure can be turned into diamonds.

“It started with a dream,” he said at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions. “The dream of clean air for everyone.”

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