Chicks Talk to each other from inside their Eggs

Chicks Talk to each other from inside their Eggs

Chicks Talk to each other from inside their Eggs

chickens actually have a far more sophisticated communication system than traditionally thought? They have their own language with different calls that have their own specific meanings, and these calls start when the chick is still inside the egg.

Before chicks hatch, they can communicate with each other and their mother through a system of sounds. There are at least 24 different sounds they make from inside of their eggs !

chickens are highly social animals and they take good care of one another, giving off warning cries to let their fellow flock members know a potential danger may be looming. What is extra impressive is that chickens have different calls for a predator that is coming on the ground, like a snake, compared to a predator that is coming from above, such as a hawk. Chickens will immediately respond to the warning calls and can be seen standing up alert, crouching down low or taking cover in nearby trees or in their coop – depending on the type of threat call emitted.The complex communication system of our feather-friends shows how smart and social these beings really are and why it is unthinkable to keep these animals confined to tiny cages.


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